Content Management System (BBJT CMS)

CMS Mockup

Back in 2010 Joseph was selected to be part of a group of 30 people, of which 92% of his year group applied for, to be part of the Young Enterprise program. As I.T. Director, it was one of his duties to produce a functional website to showcase the product his company was selling. With the rest of his group having limited computer knowledge, he developed a simple content management system with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor and basic user authentication, to enable his group to easily modify the web pages their selves.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2012, where Billy volunteered to take part in a college project to create a new and dynamic website for a local charity, which needed to be easily updatable by the client. Sadly, this never went live but the CMS lived on! The CMS quickly evolved from a plain black on white login system to having the ability to edit pages using an intuitive and user friendly interface. Performance and page management was drastically improved when the pages were transformed into being dynamically stored within a secure database.

Since bringing the CMS idea back to life from it's early, simple days, it has developed dramatically with increased security and functionality. The CMS has evolved into a very customisable system, which we have developed around our clients' needs. Whenever appropriate, we always aim to integrate the CMS into our projects, using it as the building blocks to get us started and to help us and our clients easily maintain their websites.

R.O.C. Hair & Beauty

ROC Mockup

We first developed version 1 of this website back in 2007. It has since been through numerous modifications to keep the website up to date as the world wide web evolved and as our skills improved. This website incorporates BBJT CMS to allow the client to update content on their site (i.e. price lists, vacancies, opening hours).


This is still a project in development.
Check back later and we may have an update for you.

127 (City of Wakefield) Squadron

127 Mockup

We were approached by Wakefield Air Cadet Squadron to create them a new, up-to-date, fresh and modern website to replace their old outdated one. The website is built around the BBJT CMS allowing the client to keep the information on their website current and up-to-date (e.g. news and events, photo gallery). This website features a dynamic background choosing from a selection of images when changing page, and a client friendly gallery allowing them to add, remove and edit the photographs they have uploaded. We also custom built a survey for this client for one of their dining in nights allowing their cadets and families to select their choice of menu for the night.


BillyAB Mockup

This is Billy's website. The aim with this website was to create a dynamic and responsive site making it both functional on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, it is also another opportunity to showcase our various skills, and to promote Billy's photography, which is why we integrated a cool feature that pulls photographs from his Flickr page and displays them on the homepage in a dynamic and fluid grid.

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